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Category Page: Important Information

Important Information

Credit Reports

To gain access to your free annual credit report, visit the “Links” and click on the “Annual Credit Report” link. If you are unable to obtain it via the internet, please call 877-322-8228.

If you have a question about your credit report, please call the appropriate agency:

Equifax – www.equifax.com – 1-800-685-1111

Experian – www.experian.com – 1-888-397-3742

Trans Union – www.equifax.com – 1-800-888-4213

Change PIN on VISA

To change your PIN on your Visa Debit Card, call 866-762-0558. To change your PIN on your Visa Credit Card, call 866-297-3408.

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Lost / Stolen VISA

If you lose your FLHC Visa Credit Card, please call 800-543-5073 immediately to block the card. If you lost your FLHC Visa Debit Card, please call 888-241-2510 immediately to block the card. Please also call the credit union as soon as possible so that a new card and PIN may be issued.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees – Use these Surcharge Free ATMs

To locate surcharge free ATMs in your area, visit our “Links” tab. Type in a Zip Code in the “ATM Locator” field and a new page will open showing all the ATMs in your area that are surcharge free.

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Electronic Transactions

Please call the credit union prior to completing any electronic transactions, ACH direct withdrawals, or ACH direct deposits. It is imperative that the correct numbers are used for these types of transactions. When an incorrect number is used, the transaction will not post automatically to your account. The credit union has to manually search for and post the transaction. A $5 fee will be charged if the correct numbers are not used.


Phishing and Identity Theft

Reputable companies and financial institutions, like FLHC, never send e-mails asking for personal and account information. Always be suspicious of requests for information. Never click on a link in an email of this sort even if it looks legitimate. The link will take you right to scammers, not the real company. Be smart, protect your self.